how to add a live countdown widget to facebook

how to add a countdown widget to your android home screen On your Android smartphone or tablet, go to Play Store then download and install an app called “Countdown Widget”. After installing the app, go to your device home screen and long-press on any empty area. ... More

how to buy cyder coin

Crypto Star Cloud Mining for everyone. Our service makes cloud mining accessible to everyone. There is no longer any need to buy expensive equipment and waste time on the equipment. ... More

how to have a clear face fast

How To Have Clear Skin Naturally Fast December 01, 2018 Abdullah Asyatiri Get clear skin naturally image led get clear skin fast and naturally 6 mild acne image do you want clear glowing skin discover how to get rid of acne and achieve ... More

how to cancel telkom home line and internet

Connect and Save up to R4000. Blazing-Fast Fibre is your gateway to truly enjoying the internet the way it was intended. Whether you want to stream content fast and without buffering, download 50GB Next-Gen Games, or Sync devices via the cloud - everything is lightning fast, reliable and amazing. ... More

how to create a school website using html

Students can create their own website using basic html and this step-by-step guide. We've created a Sample Web Page for you to study. Using the link below, go to the Sample Web Page and look at how the text and image appear on your screen. Then use "View Source" to call up the document we used to create the sample page. If possible, print this document. Compare it line-by-line with the ... More

how to detect aids at home

Currently there are only two home HIV tests: the Home Access HIV-1 Test System and the OraQuick In-home HIV test. If you buy your home test online make sure the HIV test is FDA-approved. The Home Access HIV-1 Test System is a home collection kit, which involves pricking your finger to collect a ... More

how to boot linux from external hard drive

I am looking into booting the latest Ubuntu distro (14.04) from an external hard drive using my Macbook Air mid 2012 running Mavericks. I've looked around and couldn't find a link to any step-by-st... ... More

how to detect sap journal reversals

SAP Audit Guide. 2 The company code structure should correspond to the legal reporting requirements of the company under review. SAP does not allow manual journal postings against such accounts. This can be performed through transactions KALE and OK17. 3 Changes to the chart of accounts should be identified through report RFSABL00, accessible through transaction SA38. Alternatively ... More

how to delete all emails from trash on samsung tablet

24/05/2014 All of then allow the emails to stay on the server so all accounts can be serviced. When we get the message that the server inbox is 90% full, we delete and purge trash so it is always clear. All other phones, pads and computers are purged of all deleted mail when we need/want to except.. ... More

how to change platform on fortnite

Epic Games has been doing a good job and keep the Fortnite community happy with update after update, and the newest update brings on of the more requested feature to the mobile platform. You can now customize the heads-up-display (HUD), meaning you can move around the on-screen buttons to exactly where you want them. ... More

how to change print size of paper in microsoft word

22/09/2015 · For the majority of the printerdrivers in use for our printerqueues Word 2010 changes the paper size in the printer properties from A4 to Letter. The paper size of the document and the normal.dotm is A4. The printing defaults of the queue and the printing preferences of the user are also on A4. In Excel, Powerpoint and any other program the paper size is A4 but only Word 2010 is … ... More

grim dawn how to build a character

23/10/2017 · Grim Reaper is a melee type build that can deal heavy amounts of damage while converting a percentage of it to health. Tip: To look exactly like a Grim Reaper, refer to an illusionist to transform your two-hand weapon into a scythe of your choice, your head armor into a hoodie of your choice, and finally, your chest armor into a robe of your choice. ... More

how to add videos on itunes to ipad

Step 4 Add DVD to iPad Choose Videos category at the top, and the program will display different sections of video files in the left sidebar, along with the contents in the right part. Now click the Add button in the software window, and select Add File or Add Folder to add videos from computer to your iPad. If you are going to transfer the video files which are incompatible with iPad, TunesGo ... More

how to clean others on mac storage

When you check storage on Mac, you can see the used Mac storage are divided into different categories: Apps, Documents, iOS Files, Movies, Audio, Photos, Backups, Other, etc. Most of the categories are very clear and easy to understand, such as Apps, Photos, but Other is very confusing. What is Other on Mac storage? Simply put, Other includes ... More

how to draw couch on a floor plan

How? You just tap the phone against a wall, wait for a beep, and then tap it against another wall. As you move around the room you'll see your phone draw the floor plan. ... More

how to create my own animation

One can easily create a GIF with the help of a software called 'Adobe Photoshop'. The image file should be set to 100 x 100 pixels and the resolution at 72 pixels per inch. ... More

hp officejet pro 8730 how to change printer setup environment

Try to download the essential HP Driver setup for your HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer module from the list of printer driver setup. If the required driver is not handy, get it manually done. Simultaneously have an eye on the Apple software update status. ... More

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 1000 how to connect

ONLY $10 the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 comfortably fits into your on-the-go lifestyle and your bag. You can rely on its precise optical tracking to scroll, point and click smoothly You can rely on its precise optical tracking to scroll, point and click smoothly ... More

how to delete all groups on facebook at once

But if you want to leave facebook groups quickly here is a easy way to leave any group just with single mouse click. Step 1 : From your facebook homepage click on the See All groups option. Step 2 : On the Groups Page you will see a list of the facebook groups you are a member of. ... More

how to become a famous music artist

The internet creates tons of new opportunities for upcoming artists. Becoming famous was never easier and more feasible than these days. Even well-known label bosses claim that there’s no need for a record label to make it in this game. But there’s also a downside to this: Every kid with internet can record songs and publish them online. The internet is literally being flooded with new ... More

how to connect to ethernet windows 7

30/03/2013 · I have a device connected through ethernet. i need to use it through ethernet but have no idea how. In the files of the software of the device is a network.ini file wich shows a adress i … ... More

how to change number of rings on uniden phone

Uniden DECT Digital Cordless Phone System with Integrated Bluetooth Technology and Answering Machine DECT3236-2 DECT Digital Technology Phone System Integrated Bluetooth Technology, Dial & Receive Mobile Calls on the home phone ... More

how to create green patina on copper

The easiest way to make verdigris is to react copper metal with acetic acid. Copper is easy to get and common sources are scrap copper piping and old copper coins. If you are using old 1 and 2 pence coins it is worth using a magnet to see if they are solid copper as more recent ones have iron cores and so are magnetic. ... More

how to carry mattress up lift

4) Once you have the mattress up, you will be able to take out the box springs rather easily. Most king size beds rest on two twin sized box springs that are light but somewhat bulky and awkward to carry, so you need to be very careful when taking them out of your home; ... More

how to draw chocolate bar step by step

In this video, you will learn how to draw and color a super cute and super easy cartoon chocolate bar step by step ?? HAPPYDRAWINGS : HOW TO DRAW A CHOCOLATE BAR ... More

how to cut hair in photoshop 7

5/10/2009 Thanx dec9, Thanx John I apparently just overlooked the RIGHT CLICK option which brings up the Marguee Tools. So I've got Oval shapes now no problem, and I choose a transparent background for all these photos. ... More

how to clean front load washer mold

Just like any mold, mold in the washing machine can make you sick. Symptoms are dependent on what type of mold is growing, but a general set of symptoms accompany almost all mold types. Respiratory symptoms like coughing and sneezing, along with allergy-like symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes, and more are common because of mold. If the strain of mold is more severe, dangerous lung … ... More

how to become a martial arts actor

His fight scene with Norris is regarded as one of the best of all time and Norris went on to become a prolific martial arts actor himself. Enter the Dragon – the first ever Hollywood martial arts film – solidified Lee as a martial arts legend and was one of the year’s highest grossing films . ... More

how to change the name of my kindle

10/01/2012 · To rename your Kindle, click Edit next to the name to be changed. You’ll be prompted for the new name. Christen your device, click Update and you’re done! You’ll see the change the next time your Kindle syncs and updates its content. If you can’t wait that long, tap the status bar and tap the Sync button. In a few seconds, your Kindle Fire will have a new name! Did you rename your ... More

how to connect to internet using ethernet cable

To connect Ethernet cables, you simply plug the cable into a router and your computer. Learn more about how Ethernet cables work with help from an IT consultant in this free video on computers and the internet. ... More

how to add a plugin to

This plugin integrates OptiPNG with Paint.NET. It optimizes PNG to make them smaller, which is good for web use. OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a ... More

how to create a model in roblox

Model NegateOperation Part PhysicsService Terrain Texture When building in Roblox, you will sometimes need more detail on the surface of an object than simple Parts or the default materials will allow. You can insert 2D images into your game and adorn them using Decals. Uploading an Image. The simplest method to upload an image is to use the Game Explorer. The Game Explorer is a panel in ... More

how to carry out slump test at site

Slump Test – always do your slump test before making your cubes to ensure the concrete is usable. If the slump test fails to meet the range limit as dictated by the British Standard (shown in the table below) then the load should be rejected. ... More

how to create a folder on iphone se

One way to make sure your little one doesn’t wander into a grown-up corner of the Internet on her iPhone is to cut off Internet access altogether, and the easiest way to do that is to turn on ... More

how to connect webcam to iphone

Now, with the app and driver installed on your computer and iPhone, you simply open the app on your phone and connect to the computer you wish through WiFi … ... More

how to uninstall one drive windows 8

There are so many apps that comes pre-installed with Windows 10, OneDrive is one of them. From Windows 8, OneDrive has become part of Windows Operating system, until then you need to download it as a separate app, such that the files sync with cloud. ... More

how to draw kids bedroom

bedroom design drawings image from s s media cache ak0 pinimg 736x 27 beautiful how to draw a floor plan a frame house plan floor plans for a house index wiki 0 0d 3 story a gaming room drawing bedroom bedroom setup bedroom setup 0d 4 bedroom house drawing plans awesome a frame house plan floor plans . ... More

how to draw lord jesus

“Journaling with Jesus is a creative call to an authentic, intimate relationship with Christ through the art of prayer-journaling. Author Carol Round openly shares her own intimate journaling journey, initially borne of pain, and now bathed in promise—the hope of healing in Jesus. ... More

how to come up with a mission and vision statement

3/11/2018 Don't get muddled up in a wordy mission statement you won't be able to describe to someone when they ask what your mission is. Best case scenario, your mission statement will become your slogan. Best case scenario, your mission statement will become your slogan. ... More

how to change brake sensor on ml350

The brake lights on your 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML350 illuminate when you hit the brake pedal and help prevent you from being rear ended by the cars behind you. Brake light bulbs grow dimmer over time and eventually burn out. This video shows you how to change the brake lights on your 2007 Mercedes-Benz … ... More

how to avoid neural tube defects

A worldwide effort to prevent recurrence and occurrence of neural tube defects began in the early 1990’s. In August 1991, U.S. Public Health Service provided guidelines for women ... More

how to download date ariane on iphone

13/09/2015 · Family Caught their Girl Dating with a Boyfriend, What Happened Next with Boy, You will be Shocked ... More

how to break in a new motor

The #1 question after you buy a new 1/5 RC car or motor is how to break in and tune the engine for performance. Dan Silagy from O'Neill Brothers Racing walks you through the process of how to correctly break in and tune an engine to avoid damaging or seizing it. ... More

how to add text to sbs on demand

Heya, It's hard to say if it would be an issue with the Fetch box or the actual channel. How long has this been going on for? You can try some standard troubleshooting like resetting the Fetch box to see if it will re-establish a connection. ... More

ats how to drive a double trailer

In the ATS road system, we are pursuing two goals that are a bit difficult to combine for our tech - including a choice of longer trailers and yet at the same time spicing up the game by having tighter places to maneuver through. ... More

how to build a concrete slab foundation

To prevent cracks from forming in the slab, the contractor can use support bars that keep the mesh at the correct height during the pouring of the concrete (CMHC). Next, place the foundation anchor bolts in the concrete before it begins to harden but when it is sufficiently set so that they will stay in place. ... More

how to change skin in mineshafter

... More

how to securely erase a hard drive windows 7

Click the "Erase Now" or "Erase unused space" to select your target hard drive. Click the button "Erase Now" to start securely delete partiton on Windows. You can reboot your system after complete erased. ... More

how to clean rv water heater burner

25/10/2014 Other than the above problem that old water heater works really well. The water is much hotter, and so showers are longer lasting than the last two rigs I had. The water is much hotter, and so showers are longer lasting than the last two rigs I had. ... More

how to delete your download history on itunes

Method 1: Manually Delete Podcast Documents and Data on iPhone It is not allowed to manage storage by click App name in the Usage, but we can log in the target apps and clear podcast data, such as downloaded files, chatting history, media files, recording and so on to free up iPhone storage space. ... More

how to buy maternity clothes sizes

Just like the regular clothes we buy, when it comes to selecting sizes in maternity clothes, its all the same. Therefore if you usually fit small, medium or large, then continue to purchase the same in your maternity ... More

how to delete my facebook account permanently immediately

How to permanently DELETE Your Facebook Account Are you living life or are you just talking about it? One of the biggest problems with Facebook is the more time we spend updating our profile and following other peoples lives, the less time we actually spend living. ... More

xcom 2 how to change squad members

11/02/2016 · Advanced Squad Tactics - Part 3 Part 1: Part 2: Here we go into detail on the soldiers used in the previous ... More

how to draw a horn of plenty

(Or: Draw it on one paper and copy it onto brown copy paper.) Instruct children to cut out the horn. Save it for next week's lesson, when the children will fill the cornucopia with a fruit and vegetable activity. ... More

how to buy bitcoin in australia whirlpool

Never buy bitcoins online… I remember there was a site where you could advertise and meet in person, but I cannot remember what it was… Either way with so many people with bitcoins, it's easy to find a seller to peg your price to. ... More

how to cancel income protection mlc policy

An MLC Insurance policy or an interest in an MLC Insurance (Super) policy held through the Scheme doesn’t represent a deposit or liability with the NAB or other related bodies corporate of NAB (other than MLC as the insurer). Life insurance you can build and customise to suit you, your family and your business Life Insurance Total and Permanent Disability Critical Illness Income Protection ... More

how to clean a snapping turtle shell

16/01/2015 Now you need to cut skin from shell under neck and skin all the way off. Now you should be ready to remove the front meat from the turtle. 3 main peices. ... More

how to clean air filter rangehood

Always switch the power off prior to installation, servicing or cleaning the rangehood. Never use the rangehood without the filters in place. Stainless steel or powdercoat is very easily damaged during installation if abraded or knocked by ... More

how to change language on mac install

1/10/2017 · I have Acrobat Reader on a Windows PC and an Apple Mac but there is no language choice. It is determined by the operating system which is English and I have not found a way round this. It is determined by the operating system which is English and I have not found a way round this. ... More

how to delete twitter completely

DM (Direct Messages) can be deleted on Twitter by these steps:Open a DM.Hover the mouse near the message.Click on "trash can" icon.Click on delete in the confirmation message.This will delete the individual message. To delete the entire conversation, you can click on the more (three dots) at the top and click on Leave conversation > Leave. But ... More

how to draw fairy tail happy

BlackPink as Fairy Tail Characters Hey FTA, Angel here, and today I decided to participate in the Fairy's Melody Challenge. I decided to make a blog, comparing my favorite girl group, BlackPink, to Fairy Tail characters. ... More

how to clear up pool water from being green

If your pool is a "green swamp" when you open it, see How to Clear Up a Green Pool for further information. If your pool water is relatively clear, accurately test your water for chlorine, PH and Alkalinity levels. If available, also test for Stabilizer (cyanuric acid). Adjust these chemicals to the proper levels. Add a high quality algaecide to the water. See E-Z Pool Water Chemistry for more ... More

how to build a morris chair

Check out; About; Close the sidebar Build morris chair Read more Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Build morris chair. If you can pick your Build morris chair smartly from the very start, your building efforts will be more enjoyable. ... More

how to drive car in heavy traffic

Save your favourite routes to set up scheduled alerts, and turn on Driving Mode to hear audio alerts of nearby incidents when you get in the car. You even have access to live traffic cameras, with images updated every 60 seconds. ... More

how to change location on tunein radio

When you play a Radio Station via TuneIn, TuneIn sends the Sonos player a list of streams. Sonos selects the first playable stream. In the case of the BBC stations (and many others I guess), the first one is the lowest quality stream (56k for Radio 1), and the second one is higher quality (128K for Radio … ... More

how to cook beef liver on the stove

While optional, this process helps mellow the often strong, bitter flavor of beef liver, making it more palatable for children and others who might be wary of eating liver. Editor's Picks How to Cook Venison Liver ... More

how to draw head angles

Head rotation sketches like This link, know about Anatomy and soild drawing, then you try to sketch up your character, then character design. After design complete, you try to use sketch, then draw your imagination character. ... More

how to become a working actor

4/11/2018 · Work on different dialects. Practice reading out loud in different voices and accents to have more versatility as an actor. If you can, watch videos of people speaking in the dialect you’re practicing to see how their mouth moves when they articulate their words. ... More

how to change battery in mitsubishi air conditioner remote

Replacement MITSUBISHI Air Conditioner Remote Control - KD06ES Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab ... More

how to buy a rolls royce

Rolls-Royce UK - Official Dealers UK - HR Owen. For all new or used Rolls-Royce cars visit HR Owen or call today for more information. For all new or used Rolls-Royce cars visit HR Owen or call today for more information. ... More

how to buy items that arent in the daily shop

... More

how to buy less than 10000 nx

As Videogamer reports, the same controller has resurfaced, but this time on eBay, where some inglorious chancer is attempting to sell it for $10,000. ... More

how to buy from amazon in nigeria

Buying and Selling Gift cards of various sorts (Itunes, Amazon, Walmart) is the new venture for many. They buy these cards from people who have them available in exchange for money. Of course, these cards aren’t useless rather they are of great importance as they can be used for the purchase of goods and services in the online-stores. ... More

how to clean the bottom of a burned pot

I let all the water boil out of some barley I was simmering on the top of stove. After scraping out the gluEy, burnt barley, I am left w. burned residue and discolouration on bottom of ... More

how to build an os

Before building either the tools or ReactOS itself the output location must be created and prepared. This is an easy step and involves only one command. ... More

how to download from redtube

- Facilitates downloads from the world's most popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube and MetaCafe. - Provides complete support for http, https and ftp links. Target should be directly accessible at the given URL. ... More

how to become a geography teacher

Geography Teacher: Job Description, Salary Info and Requirements. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a geography teacher. ... More

how to change facebook font type

8/08/2015 · Change the font used in Edge Hi Edge on my system appears to be using Times Roman as the default font is there anyway I can change this as it is not particularly readable on my system. ... More

how to build a crazy cart

The Crazy Carts steering wheel is different from a normal car or cart in a number of ways. The most important thing to remember about the Crazy Carts steering wheel is that the arrow on it points in the direction where the cart is going to travel, regardless of how the rest of the cart is oriented. ... More

how to change youtube channel name

With the advancements in the way we see things and the things we see has changed. Today, we have the access to millions of different movies, music, stand up shows and what not. ... More

how to become a game ranger in south africa

In 2006, a private owner of tigers in South Africa donated several tigers to the game reserve. The reserve arranged for them to be moved to a national park in Asia. Whilst at the reserve, the tigers were rehabilitated so that they would be able to survive in the wild. ... More

how to add a printer in mac

22/12/2017 In the Shared Printers section of this screen, you should see your shared Mac-connected printer. Select it, then click Next. Select it, then click Next. On the Install Bonjour Printer screen, youll probably see the Manufacturer as Generic and the Model as either Generic/PostScript or Generic/PCL. ... More

how to build a chicken house youtube

Youtube How to Build A Chicken Coop Luxury Do It Yourself Chicken Coop Plans, picture size 592x466 posted by admin at May 12, 2017 5 pre fab chicken coops that aren t for the birds wsj clearwater organic farms plan to create 137 new jobs service farm infakt golubarstvo youtube how to build a chicken coop small workshop organization goldfinch ... More

how to break in converse fast

The Converse Fastbreak Pro Mid Shoes have a heritage look that'll make you want to run some wind sprints, but we advise you skate some flatground instead. ... More

how to add sales payments in xero

Sales reps write orders faster than ever and orders instantly sync to your Xero account for rapid fulfillment from the Handshake Mobile app. Deliver information on products, inventory, and customers at your reps fingertips for more effective and strategic sales meetings. ... More

how to create jobs in rural areas

YOUTH and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili says Government is committed to developing various employment creation strategies for young people particularly in rural communities. ... More

how to add mods to gta 5

The best thing about GTA 5 is that you can have ample of MODS for this game and make it look a bit different. GTA series is always popular for its mods and now the new version brings up some exciting changes in the game. ... More

how to clean up paint tray

jill This easy zucchini noodle cashew stir fry made with The Inspiralizer will have you licking your plate clean! Dinner comes together in less than 30 minutes and you'll want to put this sauce on every meal! ... More

how to draw a rv

2 days ago Catrina Trail from the family company Guardian Campers and RV Centre which donated the prize was on hand to give away goodies to those waiting. Catrina Trail from Guardian Campers with 7 ... More

how to clean cement garage floor

More and more families are using their garages for more than just parking vehicles. Garages are becoming an extended room of the house and because of it, … ... More

how to create a own vpn to access internet

This article will discuss how you can create your own Linux VPN and use OpenVPN to create a secure connection between a client and server on a Linux machine. Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow you to hide your online data transmissions and enhance your security while browsing the Internet … ... More

how to keep car clean after wash

Also after a wash Bowden recommends taking the car for a short drive to draw out any remaining pockets of water. An electric blower can be used to remove any pockets of ... More

how to build a minecraft custom mountan

Welcome to the Floris Mod Pack. This is a combination of a lot of good mods created by the community, bringing them all together and enhancing your gameplay experience. This is a combination of a lot of good mods created by the community, bringing them all together and enhancing your gameplay experience. ... More

how to set up friend buy

22/07/2018 · Add friends. Facebook is nothing if you don't have friends and family to share with. You can search for people by their name or email, import your contact lists, and invite friends that aren't currently using Facebook. ... More

how to configure home router to allow secure smtp

I'm setting up a Raspberry PI as a home router and below is my current iptables script. The router has also a proxy, samba, CUPS, bind9, a WLAN access point and a DHCP server. I am unsure if the The router has also a proxy, samba, CUPS, bind9, a WLAN access point and a DHCP server. ... More

how to get your boyfriend to call you back

To win your boyfriend back, you'll need him to respect you. And to earn that respect, you can't push too hard or too soon. And to earn that respect, you can't push too hard or too soon. Breaking all contact with your ex after he breaks up with you is one of the best ways to get his attention again. ... More

how to change colour of strafe rgb keyboard

Corsair Strafe RGB Mk2 gaming keyboard. A well made if plain gaming keyboard which covers the essentials with slightly quieter Cherry MX Silent mechanical switch keys and RGB lighting. 2.9. As youd likely surmise from its straightforward nomenclature, the Corsair Strafe RGB Mk2 with Silent Switches is the successor to their prior first generation Corsair Strafe and has RGB backlighting and ... More

how to build a lego time machine

31/08/2012 · Generally, buildings are easier to make as they have a relatively simple form (unless of course you live in a stately home or palace) and make a good starting point for first-time LEGO … ... More

how to build a crowdfunding platform

The task is not simple as good crowdfunding platform should be easy to use, reliable, secure and well-promoted. There are many sides of the project that require full concentration. There are many sides of the project that require full concentration. ... More

how to become a stenographer court reporter

Search the Professional Services Locator through the National Court Reporters Association (see Resources). By selecting your country, you can find a list of qualified reporting services who hire stenographers to meet businesses' needs. ... More

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how to draw a cow

What You'll Be Creating. Although cows may not seem like the most graceful animals, they're a great material to study. In this tutorial I'll show you everything you need to know about anatomy of cow, but also American bison, cape buffalo and yak.

how to create corporate culture

Companies with impressive employee retention rates and high employee satisfaction levels, all have one thing in common they understand the importance of a strong workplace culture.

how to you change talents in wow

7/07/2010 What will change are all of the filler talents you had to pick up to get to the next fun talent, as well as most talents that required 5 of your hard-earned points. We are also taking a hard look at many of the mandatory PvP talents, such as spell pushback or mechanic duration reductions.

how to chane drive letter

16/09/2010 · mine are listed on the bottom pane, and if i right click i get the change drive letter path option.

how to become a futurist

Home; Careers; For Future RNs; For Future Nurses. This page links you to a variety of websites that explain, step-by-step, how to become a nurse and why nursing is an excellent career choice today.

how to redner section cut rhino

Compositing VRay Render Layers in Photoshop. by Ahmed Fathi 15 Jul 2011 select Object Properties and give each object a different number in the Object ID field in the G-Buffer section. Step 8 . I only needed to use the VRayObjectID element in order to make selecting the cars and the surrounding buildings easier in post. Here 's how it looks after rendering. Step 9. The last element we need

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England: Chester ENG, Portsmouth ENG, Cannock ENG, Bootle ENG, Reading ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 6A1

Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 5H6

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Paisley SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Edinburgh SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B4

Wales: Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 6D2